Terrarium is a gardening game focusing on positive feelings, self care, and making the space your own. It was made for Global Game Jam 2019.Terrarium was made by a team of six.Alison Huang: ArtMinh Tran: ArtNik Pantis: Production and DesignJaris Rener: ProgrammingJacob Leaney: ProgrammingMatt Schenkel: AudioIt was made in 48 hours.

A Light Is Shining There

A Light Is Shining There is best described as a love letter to those who are in the closet, and those without a community or support network. You control a lantern in a 2d environment, opting in and opting out of dialogue by opening or closing the lantern’s curtain. It was made for Rainbow Jam… Continue reading A Light Is Shining There


Fiortura is an adventure game with an emphasis on narrative through the exploration of the themes of comfort and discomfort, and expectations and reality, while navigating an arctic alien planet. A prototype was originally made as an university assignment in the space of four weeks, from concept to execution. This prototype was then elaborated on… Continue reading Fiortura

The Daily Grind

The Daily Grind is a barista simulator of sorts, in which you prepare coffee step-by-step. It was made as an university assignment in the space of four weeks, from concept to execution. It was made in a team of two. Alison Huang: Programming, design and voice. Emilee Goulding:┬áConcept, illustration, design and voice. Special thanks to… Continue reading The Daily Grind

All That I Touch

All That I Touch is a short queer experience, in which you choose a Pride Flag to change the colours of a room, effectively turning the room queer. It was made for Rainbow Jam 2017. You can find the dev log here. The lovely Jupiter Hadley played my game here. All That I Touch was… Continue reading All That I Touch