I’m Alison Huang. Though I’m a woman of many talents, my focus is on narrative design, writing and art. I create narrative heavy games, as well as TTRPG modules and supplements. Most notably I am one of the writers for the bestselling and ENnie nominated Uncaged Anthology Volume 1.

Above everything else, I’m interested in creating queer and subversive narratives. I care deeply about good representation in media, and I strive to do my part in making sure people feel acknowledged and validated in their existences.

If you are queer, but don’t feel safe enough to come out, or you don’t have support networks, you may be interested in playing A Light Is Shining There, as it is a love letter to you. It won Use Of Theme for Rainbow Jam 2018.

If you are part of the asexual and aromantic spectrums, you may be interested in Acetone, and its sequel Acetylene, which feature ace and aro spectrum characters.

If you love branching narratives with an atmospheric tone, you may be interested in As Cold As The Grave.

These games, and more, can be found on my itch.io page. I hope you find something that interests you, and makes you feel loved, in my content!